The winners of the Summer 2014 competition are as follows:

Photography entries

Bronze (3rd place) – $20 prize

Photo #3


Mary was on her usual early morning jog through the park when something odd caught her eye. What exactly was that strange glowing orb? It wasn’t there yesterday.

Winner: Dot Matrix

Silver (2nd place) – $30 prize

Photo #7

Sabrina Unprepared

 Sabrina’s cosmetology and modeling coursework left her woefully unprepared to distinguish the toxic chemical vapors pouring out of the derailed train behind her from a harmless morning mist. She should have taken the free Emergency Preparedness Class offered at her school!

Winner: Paislee Myrtle

Gold (1st place) = $50 prize

Photo #6

Blue apocalypse

 They should be landing soon. What the oracle said now makes sense.

Machinima entries

Bronze (3rd place) – $40 prize

Video #3

A peaceful evening by the fireplace becomes a nightmare after lighting and fireworks create a firestorm near home. First responders work through the night to save the residence as neighbors and a news crew watch the scene unfold.

Winner: Marstol Nitely

Silver (2nd place) – $110 prize

Video #2

What happened after Mary’s discovery

Winner: Dot Matrix

Gold (1st place) – $250 prize

Video #4

This is an animated story of a boy that gets lost. The family is worried and tries to get help from the police.

 Winner: Joan O’Fark

Thanks to everyone who took part, and everyone who voted!


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