Photography and Machinima Competition, Summer 2014

Cash prizes (up to 250 US dollars!)

RezMela Control RoomRezMela is an easy-to-use scene creation system hosted on the Kitely OpenSim grid.

It provides a growing library of self-contained objects that users can quickly assemble by point-and-click to create virtual scenes. These scenes can be used to tell a story or to describe a situation.

This competition will be of interest to story-tellers, virtual photographers and machinima artists. No building knowledge is required.

More details below.

All prizes are in US dollars.

Category A – Photography Contest

You need to submit:

  1. An in-world photograph taken using a RezMela scene
  2. Text (maximum 100 words) to describe the scenario depicted by the photograph


  • Gold: $50
  • Silver: $30
  • Bronze: $20

Category B – Machinima Contest

You need to submit:

  1. A link to an video (maximum 5 minutes) using a RezMela scene, uploaded to YouTube
  2. Text (maximum 100 words) to describe the scenario that the machinima presents


  • Gold: $250
  • Silver: $110
  • Bronze: $40

Note that YouTube videos must be set to Public or Unlisted, and must allow embedding.

How to participate

You will need to visit one of the regions in Kitely which has a RezMela system set up for the competition. These are RezMela Competition and RezMela Competition2.

You can log into the Kitely grid to access these regions, or visit them from the Hypergrid, or you can request a guest Kitely login name and password so that you can take part in the competition.

Send your entries (as outlined above) in an email to with the subject “RezMela contest Summer 2014“. Tell us the name you’d like your entry to be published under.

  • When you’ve finished creating your photo(s)/video(s), please clear the scene ready for the next contestant by clicking the “Clear Scene” button.

Multiple entries are fine in both categories – and you can win multiple times!

Entries that have been accepted by the judges will be posted on this blog. Anyone can then vote on each entry, and share the entries via Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc.

The winner of each prize will be decided by the star ratings given by the public to each entry (40%), the number of social media shares (40%), and by a panel of judges (20%).


Instructions for accessing RezMela tutorials and user manuals are available at

  1. One contestant can make multiple submissions. There is no limit to the number of prizes one candidate can win.
  2. Multiple contestants can collaborate to make common submissions as well.
  3. Entries must depict a fictional or real story or scenario in a creative and original fashion.
  4. The contest deadline is  Sunday August 31st 2014, 11 pm EDT. All submissions need to be made on or before that time.
  5. Results will be announced on September 7th on this page, as well as on the RezMela website and the Kitely forum. A celebration is planned, with music and dancing in Kitely.
  6. All shortlisted participants will have their work showcased on the RezMela website.
  7. We recommend that you access RezMela using the Singularity or Firestorm viewer.
  8. For help regarding the RezMela user interface and other related issues, please contact Handy Low.

Intellectual Property Rights for Submitted Content

Individuals will retain all IP rights of the content they submit. Machinima makers who wish to use third-party sound tracks must first make sure that those tracks are royalty-free.